About Me

Hey, in case you wanted to know more about me. I'm currently working on this. A cardiac care project I am extremely excited and passionate about.

I just graduated from Wharton and Lauder where I spent most of my time exploring startups and statistics. Spent a summer working at Stripe, immersing myself in payments and generally soaking in what a great company culture should look like.

Before Wharton I imagined, designed, and co-founded a technology based high school for Denver Public Schools and the Carnegie Corporation. Prior to that I taught through the TFA program, which I have nothing but positive things to say about (honestly surprising to me that that is a controversial statement in some circles).

At one point Cornell University was generous enough to grant me a degree. I do confess that I spent quite a bit of time in their libraries. Mostly studying philosophers and their odd constructions of reality.

I've lived in Europe and South America and traveled to 1,000 (😉) countries as part of my quest to...be a millenial?

Recently I've spent time running ultra marathons and diving into Data Science.

If anything on here is of interest or you're an old friend/acquaintance please reach out!